Lauren Cravaritis, Paolo Marin Picazo, Elizabeth Wilker, Jonathon Smith, Alison Banks, Glenna Garber, Delaney Lambrix

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Hatch’d is inspired by breakfast food favorites commonly spotted on café menus. Students posed a challenge to their class, to invite a playful and elevated breakfast experience, into the fine dining kitchen lab. Where new American cuisine meets brunch. Guests were catered to a lavish and upscale casual dining atmosphere. Breakfast invokes a memorable and cozy experience. Playful plating, such as the house-smoked bacon clipped to golden hangers and flourished with baby’s breath, features seasonal, comforting flavors. The miniature pastry flight and hand-crafted drinks using specialized techniques and equipment separates Hatch’d from the rest. It is a hub for students and locals alike to come together and share comfort and creativity. The tasting menu consisted of a six-course experience. The first course contained two items: smoked bacon and a parfait. The bacon was cured and smoked in-house, and the yogurt was made from scratch. The second course was a frisée salad with Arctic char and citrus. For this course the char was salted, cured and dry aged before cold smoking it. The staple of eggs benedict for breakfast was the third course, using quail eggs and meat. A small tantalizing health shot of kale, apple, ginger, and jalapeno was used as a palate cleanser. The fifth course was an interpretation on a classic chicken and waffles dish, making a Thai-inspired takoyaki. The meal was wrapped up with a balanced pastry flight of a croissant, profiterole, donut, cinnamon roll.

Faculty Mentor

Chef Rizwan Ahmed

Academic Discipline

BS - Culinary Arts



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