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As a part of the editorial design and layout course, students were tasked with developing and executing the brand and deliverables for a mini-magazine or ‘minizine’. The objective of this project was to have a cohesive multi-page mini zine that contained the primary elements of a magazine publication, as well as successful layouts for each article and advertisement. The layout was designed using Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop were used to create, manipulate, and edit the images. What resulted from explorations of other magazine layouts as inspiration was a mini zine with a clear aesthetic and unique identity. DIRTBAG was designed for those who actively push boundaries, meaning that this magazine has readable articles and successful layouts while also including unorthodox imagery and bold design choices. These results demonstrate that editorial layout doesn’t need to feel stale or rigid. They can be designed in a creative way without compromising the integrity of the information being shared.

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Gail McCarthy, MBA

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BS - Health Science

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Engineering Commons



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