Matthew Scheetz

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The objective of this project was to conceptualize, design, and brand a hypothetical beverage company. The project's parameters included designing a visual coding for three brand-standard products, a brand secondary package, well-developed adaptive graphics, and packaging from a limited-edition collection. The brand Thirsty Burst was designed to present an 80s style but with modern-day elements. While developing the brand, it was important that it remain professional but creative, with fun elements to separate them from the other brands. To make Thirsty Burst stand out, a die cut of a water explosion, consistent with the brand, was applied. Along with creating the brand-standard packages, the limited-edition package was designed to celebrate Nintendo's 35th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros in 2020. The goal was to develop each of the cans as a character from the game while maintaining elements from the brand stand.

Faculty Mentor

Karyn Jimenez-Elliot, MFA

Academic Discipline

BS - Graphic Design

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Engineering Commons



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