Samara Aguiar de Melo Alves

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Created as part of Editorial & Publication Design Fall ’22 semester, Bloom Minizine is an eight-page magazine designed for anyone with a passion for graphic design. This mini-magazine features an article, an interview, a creative/artistic piece, and a Johnson & Wales advertisement. With an emphasis on the design process, Bloom was inspired by fashion magazines and collage design. Using industry-standard design software, photography skills, typographic hierarchy, and digital imaging, each spread was laid out and arranged based on a personal design aesthetic. The primary illustration in the featured article is a collage inspired by a song and manipulated using vector-based shapes, expressive typography, and a single photographic image. The interview spread was created using an image from the same photoshoot as the cover image, and the clean, readable font selections and pairings helped create a modern and sophisticated composition. The bold, vibrant palette of saturated colors layered with shapes and textures provided the background for a dramatic self-portrait. Content for the creative piece and the back cover advertisement were previously developed and ready for placement, making the design decisions effortless. The explorations during the creation of this piece resulted in a cohesive, modern, and bold editorial design that will be a portfolio showpiece.

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Gail McCarthy, MBA

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BS - Graphic Design

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Engineering Commons



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