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The objective of this project was to create and design a brand based on a beverage of my choosing. This project also included creating an example of visual coding for a minimum of three products. Additionally, to the project included designing a brand-standard secondary package, as well as developing adaptive graphics & packaging for a limited edition collection. In creating a strong brand concept and graphics that demonstrate cohesive packaging, visual coding, and strong brand recognition, a vodka brand called Bear Mountain Vodka was created. This brand is both minimalistic and higher-end. Handcrafted elements of the project were achieved through prototyping. A very basic color palette was chosen to give this modern minimalistic a vibrant, yet elegant feel. The Limited Edition Bottle was a Christmas themed vodka for the Holiday Season. For the secondary-packaging design, a gift box type of packaging was chosen. The same concept was used for both the regular packaging and the limited edition packaging, but adaptive graphics were used to give each bottle its own style that was cohesive with infused flavor. The limited edition box has a candy cane swirl design on the box to match the peppermint flavor vodka. Each box comes with a bottle of vodka and two glasses with etched logos on them. Each bottle of vodka also comes with an etched pattern on the back of the glass that ties the branding together, providing a more cohesive design to the overall brand assets of this process.

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Karyn Jimenez-Elliot, MFA

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BS - Graphic Design

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Engineering Commons



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