Madisyn Tremblay, Morgan Becker

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The purpose of this systematic review is to examine the effectiveness of rapid response mental health interventions for healthcare workers (HCWs) during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rapid response interventions had been developed early in the pandemic to support healthcare providers as they navigated nationwide workforce shortages, ever-changing protocols, and increased rates of burnout, anxiety, and depression. It is necessary to identify evidence-based rapid response interventions to mitigate negative mental health outcomes and support health and wellbeing to prevent further harm to our HCWs and the overall healthcare system. With an increasing risk of public health emergencies, we need to learn from our experiences to better prepare for the future. Several minimally invasive, rapid response interventions were identified in this systematic review that can be effectively implemented to improve the mental health of health care workers during and following times of crisis.

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Samantha Rosenthal, PhD, MPH

Academic Discipline

OTD - Occupational Therapy Doctorate



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