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In school-aged children, 6-11 years old, 9.6% have been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Common symptoms of ADHD include impaired attention, poor organization, impulsivity, and low dopamine levels. OnTask is a system designed to help individuals with ADHD combat their symptoms and be successful in their daily lives. The OnTask system is a product for reminders, similar to the tradition of tying a string around the wrist to remind oneself of a task that needs to be completed. It has four components: a hub, tokens, bracelets, and an app. The hub holds the bracelets and tokens and is designed to grab a user’s attention through lights and bright colors. It also communicates with the tokens and the app to keep the user on task. Tokens are round stickers with low Bluetooth energy to communicate with the parts of the system. They are placed where tasks need to be accomplished, such as dishwashers, pet food bowls, homework folders, etc. These tokens are involved to prevent a user from checking off a box without doing the task. When a task is required, a bracelet becomes associated with it. To complete the task, the bracelet will be tapped to the token associated with that task, and the task will be marked as complete. A completed task will affect the base’s lights, the app, and a pet panda! The app ties everything together with many different pages, including one with a pet like a panda to take care of as an extra incentive for kids to complete their tasks. OnTask is motivation for everyone.

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Jonathan Harris, MID

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Integrated Product Design

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