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The objective of this project, introduced in Advanced Content Management, was to construct a website for an original festival or event. Girlz Nite is a website representing a fictional pop music festival. Initially the theme and brand were created. Then wireframes and prototypes were built in Adobe XD. We then recreated the Adobe XD prototype using HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript. The final and most challenging task was to turn this prototype into an efficient and functioning WordPress site. This was done by transferring the content and creating an original theme for the WordPress site. The site's theme was coded using the HTML / CSS prototype with several modifications. The idea behind Girlz Nite was to invoke a sense of nostalgia for girlhood and the Y2K era. This means that the festival itself is centered around glitter and glam and features prominent artists for that specific genre and era such as Beyoncé and Britney Spears. Girlz Nite was made colorful and engaging to attract its target audience: the pop-loving teens and young adults of America. The branding was designed to be retro with a strong touch of modern seamlessness. This allowed the site to stay true to its theme, without ignoring the trends and traditions of current-day websites. The site contains detailed information about the event's history and essential details, as well as a blog featuring industry and company updates. This project was essential in learning how to most efficiently design and develop a website from start to finish, a skill that is necessary when doing freelance website design.

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Jeff Drury, MFA

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BS - Graphic Design

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Engineering Commons



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