Mo Flanagan

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Over the past few years, the food service industry has been hit with a multitude of sexual harassment allegations, many of these have come out from workers in “high-end” dining establishments. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence in the food service industry; high-stress and long days in hot stuffy environments is a breeding ground for inappropriate behavior. This behavior is a pattern that has gone back decades, often showcased in films such as “Burnt” and more recently “The Bear” on Hulu. This image of the genius executive chef who borders on abusive at times is closer to the truth than people on the outside think. Having read first-hand accounts of women who have worked in these high-end restaurants, as well as data and experiences of women currently working in these environments, it is clear that this abusive nature is pervasive throughout so-called kitchen culture.

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Marina Brancely, M.L.A.

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College of Food Innovation & Technology



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