Aurora DiMarco

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This project investigated the potential smoking reduction and cessation applications of nicotine electronic cigarettes (EC, e-cigarettes), compared to other NRT products and smoking cessation aids. Harmful and addictive tobacco products resulted in over 8 million deaths per year across the globe, with over 480,000 in the United States. This topic was selected in recognition of a global need for innovative research into new tools and resources that empower patients, promote stigma-free care options, and employ data-driven analysis to drive smoking reduction and cessation in adult smokers. The project yielded highly promising insights, and posited statistically significant evidence that e-cigarettes constitute a valuable tool in the fight against cigarette addiction and the tobacco epidemic. The increased likelihood of smoking reduction and cessation when using EC was evidenced by the findings of Article 1, where 9.9% of participants on NRT were abstinent at 1-year, increased by 81.82%, to 18% of participants in the EC group maintaining similar abstinence. In the second article, 18/68 (26.5%) of participants in the e-cigarette group were abstinent at 6-months, compared to 4/67 (6%) in the NRT group. Additionally, in Article 3, the systematic review showed EC was consistently associated with decreased numbers of cigarettes smoked per day. There was impactful evidence to conclude that e-cigarettes require additional research as a valuable second line treatment intervention.

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Kelli Kruzel, M.S.P.A.S., PA-C

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College of Health & Wellness



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