Fueling College Athletes: A Nutritional Guide

Christina Klein, Johnson & Wales University - Providence
Rushie Vilane, Johnson & Wales University - Providence
Ytossie Graves, Johnson & Wales University - Providence
Alyssa Bernier, Johnson & Wales University - Providence
Haylee Canadas, Johnson & Wales University - Providence


College athletes face many nutritional challenges, such as head injuries, food insecurity, nutritional knowledge, and overall mental health. From some complaints and concerns from JWU athletes, these students feel they are experiencing many challenges in meeting their athletic nutritional needs. A needs assessment was conducted on the Division III Johnson and Wales Men’s Lacrosse team. The assessment’s data was collected from surveys and in-person interviews. The information collected included their pre-and-post meal plans, a 24-hour basis of food intake, and questions regarding their demographics, dietary restrictions, and food access and security. It will help create an overview concerning how these student-athletes are taking care of their nutritional health. Studies that were researched found that players receive the most injuries to the head during competition play. In addition, college athletes are more prone to developing eating disorders than non-college athletes. A workshop was developed to benefit athletes to create nutritious meals from the course that was developed. It provided information on the required culinary skills, allowing them to properly nourish themselves while at home or in school. Furthermore, the meals that were prepared were for players to utilize good meal prep ideas for them to use throughout the season. The athletes received important information in the session about how to properly feed themselves at home or in the school dining areas.