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Phobos, a handcrafted accordion book and package, focuses on common fears, with an expressive quality that elicits a sense of unease. Each panel features an illustration representing a specific phobia and incorporates multiple design elements and principles. Emphasis was placed on prototyping and refinement in all phases of the design. The mixed-media illustrations showcase a variety of techniques, including improvisation. The black, white, and red color palette was inspired by classic horror. The brown paper provides contrast and gives the impression of age. While unified by color, each panel is unique and meticulously detailed. Three-dimensional collaged elements, contrasting ultra-matte and high-gloss mediums, and minuscule details enhance every composition. Each label was hand-lettered using brush and ink on antique ledger paper, and the definitions were typed using a vintage typewriter. Assembly of the book was influenced by contemporary bookbinding. Two lengths of ribbon, glued along the back of each panel, act as hinges which, paired with the fabric-wrapped covers, create a polished appearance. The coffin-shaped package was designed to house the book, and after exhaustive prototypes and revisions, the final package was laser-cut in the Innovation Lab from black acrylic, assembled, and fitted with a red velvet-upholstered insert. The coffin, and its contents, are a memento mori, representing mankind's ultimate fear: death.

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Gail McCarthy, MBA

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College of Engineering & Design

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Engineering Commons



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