Kristina Veszeleiova

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Solitary confinement has been used in our society since 1773. It was first introduced as a punishment for inmates exhibiting dangerous behavior and served as protection for vulnerable populations. In solitary confinement, an inmate is isolated in a single cell with little external or environmental stimulation. In recent years emphasis has been placed on the psychological and physiological effects of solitary confinement experienced by inmates in correctional facilities in the United States. These effects can result in a number of negative consequences on offender’s life in prison and out of prison. This research study aims to investigate the effects of solitary confinement on mental and physical health of inmates in correctional facilities. Anxiety, depression, loss of concentration, and confusion are some of the psychological symptoms experienced by inmates all over the United States. Due to the poor living conditions in the cell installed for solitary confinement, inmates experience variety of physiological symptoms such as severe headaches, digestive problems, increased heart rate, and nausea. The purpose of this study is to investigate the physical and mental experiences of inmates in solitary confinement from the John J. Moran Medium Security Facility in Cranston, Rhode Island. The instrument that will be used in this research will be a structured questionnaire that will consist of both open and close ended questions focused on inmates’ experiences in solitary confinement. The results of the survey will allow us to explore the effects of solitary confinement and will help us to propose a possible alternative to solitary confinement.

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Barbara Frazier, LP.D

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BS - Psychology, Criminal Justice



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