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What inspires you in your day-to-day life? ‘Trouvaille’, named after the French word for ‘lucky find’, is a collection of art and design inspired by a variety of sources, from historical movements, local architecture, and modern design to everyday sights like cracks on the sidewalk or the pattern of bricks on a wall. Aimed at creatives, artists, and designers, Trouvaille features bold colors and edgy typography derived from hand-lettering and brush scripts. The publication was laid out and designed using Adobe InDesign. Adobe Illustrator was used to develop the masthead as well as all vector-based graphics, and Adobe Photoshop was used to edit, enhance, and retouch the photographic images. This “minizine” went through countless iterations, with over 30 different cover designs and multiple iterations for each inside spread. The final Minizine featured a full-spread article on the college student experience in Providence and how students in all majors can use the city’s various sources of inspiration to their advantage. Also featured are a spread compiling interview responses from 11 different designers on what inspires them in Providence, a print advertisement for Small Point cafe– a local cafe full of inspiration sources, and a creative piece with a quote encouraging creatives to keep following their passions. Finally, on the back cover is a full-page print ad promoting JWU and encouraging prospective students to come find their spark here at JWU.

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Gail McCarthy, MBA

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College of Engineering & Design

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Engineering Commons



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