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A folding kitchen knife serves as a versatile and practical tool for both campers and culinary students alike. Its compact design makes it highly portable and easy to carry during outdoor expeditions or culinary classes. For campers, it offers a convenient solution for food preparation while minimizing bulk in their gear. Its foldable nature ensures safety during transport and storage, reducing the risk of accidents in outdoor environments. Similarly, culinary students can benefit from its functionality in various kitchen settings, allowing them to practice their culinary skills with a reliable and portable utensil. The folding feature also promotes safety in crowded culinary environments by minimizing the risk of accidental cuts when not in use. Overall, the folding kitchen knife embodies versatility, portability, and safety, making it an indispensable tool for both campers and culinary students alike. This design changes how both a kitchen knife and a compact folding knife are understood and designed currently. The limitations of each come from constraints built on a bias of both parties. The stigma is that a kitchen knife must be a fixed blade and the folding blade length is limited by handle length. By redesigning how the grip/handle of a folding blade functions, the blade length does not have to be limited. This opens vast opportunities for kitchen and food preparation cutlery.

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Jeff Tagen, M.S.

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College of Engineering & Design

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