Alexandra Buckley; Anya Hart

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Nova Cosmic Cuisine was conceived to embody our aspirations for the future within our nearly dystopian food system. Our project represents a vision of an imminent future where our society interacts with food through not only innovative means but also ethical and sustainable practices. Through an interdisciplinary approach, a team of chef and graphic design students collaborated to bring these ideas to fruition. With a goal to present an approach that was both open-minded and modernistic, every course was playful and possibly odd; sometimes acidic and spicy or earthy and sweet. In-season ingredients were utilized from local farms with cultural influence and original dishes were thereby assembled in interesting and compelling combinations of flavors and textures. The final courses manipulated ingredients in precise, clean shapes, lines, and bright colors. As a refined out-of-this-world chef’s table, a sleek cohesive design was developed to enhance the presentation of this concept. A logo and brand were created to establish the hypothetical restaurant in the fine dining space. The deliverables included, double vinyl metallic stickers and silver brush metal acrylic menus laser engraved to align with the futuristic and space themed aesthetic. Additionally, a package inspired by an LED ring box was also developed to display a takeaway bonbon in a luxurious fashion to elevate the guest experience and leave a lasting impression on both the culinary excellence and high-end designs.

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Deana Marzocchi, M.S.

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