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Drive Clean is brand that specializes in selling higher-end vehicle care products. Drive Clean was created for my Fall 2023 Packaging Design class, where a project was assigned to create a brand from several different categories (dairy, cleaning products, food, etc.) and then create packaging for that brand's products. I created Drive Clean as part of the cleaning products category, with the twist of products being meant for vehicles. I designed packaging for: Tire Shine Foam, UV Protectant Spray, Interior Cleaning Wipes, and Glass Cleaning Wipes. Each package features original imagery that pertains to each product's purpose, with the Tire Shine Foam showing an image of vehicle's wheel, the Glass Cleaning Wipes showing an image of a vehicle's exterior windshield, and both the UV Protectant Spray and Interior Cleaning Wipes featuring different images of a vehicle's interior. In addition to creating the packaging, I also designed and created labeling for each package's item. All packages feature all black boxes with streams of light moving through the packaging, imitating and inspired by long exposure photos of cars moving at night. Two web pages for Drive Clean were also created as part of this the project: A home page and an about page, in both a web and mobile layout. In addition to designing these webpages, I was also required to design a print advertisement for Drive Clean. Both of these feature original imagery as well.

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Karyn Jimenez-Elliott, M.F.A.

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College of Engineering & Design

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Engineering Commons



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