Julia Tyras

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Sunnyside Farms Packaging was a comprehensive design project aimed at designing the visual identity and packaging for a range of dairy products, including milk, eggs, and other dairy items. The objective was to create a cohesive and appealing packaging design for a farm-to-table brand that not only communicated the brand's commitment to quality, but also stood out on store shelves. The project began with extensive market research to understand consumer preferences, industry trends, and competitor packaging strategies. I then crafted a versatile and visually engaging packaging concept, incorporating elements that conveyed freshness, sustainability, and the wholesome nature of Sunnyside Farms products. Through an extensive design process, various prototypes were tested for functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. The final packaging seamlessly blends vibrant imagery, a unified color palette, and clear product information. In retrospect, this project taught me just how important designing for the shelf and the consumer is. The project's learnings continue to inform future packaging endeavors, emphasizing the impact of thoughtful design on product perception.

Faculty Mentor

Karyn Jimenez-Elliott, M.F.A.

Academic Discipline

College of Arts & Sciences



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