Gianna Battista, OT/S

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In today's generation, technology is evolving faster, forcing older adults to try and keep up with daily responsibilities without the proper education or tools. Without the help of educational programs, older adults may experience decreased confidence and limited success when using their phones or computers to complete daily tasks. Many tasks such as banking, paying bills, or medical information have now switched from paper to electronic records for easy use. Due to recent events such as the pandemic, appointments can now be completed virtually through telehealth, message providers, and medical records access via patient portals. The change in accessing health information impacts the older adult population due to their limited knowledge of technology, forcing them to become discouraged and disengaged when attempting to use their devices. This scoping review focuses on understanding the current literature on digital education programs and the barriers affecting the older adult population in accessing digital health information. The proposed study wanted to find a link between technology education programs for older adults 60 plus to increase confidence levels when using technology devices.

Faculty Mentor

Andrea D. Fairman, Ph.D., MOT, OTR/L, ATP, DRP

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College of Health & Wellness



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