Jazzy Montgomery, OT/S

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A national survey of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physical therapists was completed in 2023 as part of a research project conducted in the OTD department of JWU. Preliminary findings of the survey showed evidence that occupational therapy (OT) is being underutilized by many medical providers. Incorporating this data into an initial needs assessment, the creation of a continuing education course for occupational therapy practitioners (OTPs) has been the focus of this doctoral capstone project. The results of the survey combined with a scoping review of literature illustrated the need for interprofessional education with medical providers on the scope of OT practice. The literature found OT is being underused in specialty settings such as the emergency department, primary practice, and palliative rehabilitation. Additional information showed medical providers' lack knowledge of how to make a referral to OT services. Future implications of the doctoral project will include a specific skill set OTPs can learn to initiate conversations with medical providers. This skill set will broaden their understanding of how to use an OT’s services beyond what they already know about the scope of practice and expand the use for better client outcomes and quality of life.

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Shannon Strate, O.T.D., OTR/L

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College of Health & Wellness



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