Rebecca Neusner; Ali Sobh; Matt Labelle

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In our Food Systems Researchers DEE, students had to discover how to work as a team effectively in our Food Security Market Assignment. This field study was made to gain a broader awareness of the constraints on food choices imposed by budgets, geographic locations, cultural preferences, and their impact on nutrition. During this project, we were assigned two amounts of money, $100 and $150, and a market, Good Fortune Supermarket in Providence, Rhode Island. As a team, we were assigned to buy food for a family of four for a week as if we only had $100 to spend and decide what we would do differently if we could spend $150, assuming the family is buying food from scratch. Our primary concern was to keep this family of four from going hungry, which meant trying to meet the 2,000 caloric intake each day of the week. This turned out to be extremely hard to do, even as knowledgeable culinary students. Going out and attempting a meal plan for a family puts a realistic perspective on the daily strain impoverished families face. We also struggled despite having more time and experience than most of these families. As future food systems researchers, we aim to find a solution to this strain and make healthy eating painless to accomplish.

Faculty Mentor

Branden Lewis, Ed.D., MBA, CEC

Academic Discipline

College of Food Innovation & Technology



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