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Produced by the 2024 Technical Solutions Design Project class, the objective of the TECX4190 design project was to develop, through collaborative effort, exercise equipment with workout management and health monitoring capabilities. In the 2024 academic spring semester, the Technical Solutions Design students decided to demonstrate their capability goals with a jump rope. These students were split into two teams to develop the same project through two distinctive design solutions. Both teams worked through the concept design and implementation process for each group project. The Technical Solutions Design project presented a unique problem due to space constraints affecting the design of the equipment and the choice of hardware for heart rate measurement and jump repetition tracking. The goal for the project was to develop a product that carried functionalities greater than that of a normal jump rope. The project goal was to show the capabilities of combined teams of Electronics and Robotics Engineers and Graphic Design Students. The Jump Rope project highlighted teams of students’ 3D design capabilities while developing a handle to house all the necessary electronics and provide an ergonomic fit for the user. The teams also had an opportunity to demonstrate the wireless capabilities of compact Arduino microcontrollers in sending live data to the user.

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Wai Yung, M.S.

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College of Engineering & Design

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Engineering Commons



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