Cara Steere

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This research project explores the question “Why are mental health issues increasing in high school and college students and why are the issues they are dealing with so different from one another?” A literature review was conducted to understand the difference between high school and college stress. 61% of students have said that performing well and getting good grades deemed satisfactory has "put them over the edge". To further understand the plague of mental health issues, 1:1 interviews peer interviews were conducted to compare the stress of high school and college. These interviews showed that high school and college stress factors differ, but include academics, finances, and social relationships. More research is needed to focus on students’ lived experiences. The generational gap between established researchers and the young adult student experiences is not enough in the fight for mental health. Understanding the problem that is in front of you is the best way to make a change. Conducting this research might be a small step in a large process to make change. Diving into the opinions and feelings of teenagers shows that they are the best experts in their own experiences. Knowing this, less pressure needs to be put on students in both high school and college — specifically as it relates to grades and scholarships leading to a stronger focus on the all-around well-being of students.

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Megan Palmer, M.A.

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College of Hospitality Management



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