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Over the past semester, running has played a huge part in my social life here at Johnson and Wales. But although I have been a runner for years, this past semester stuck out the most. I constantly struggled with foot pain, and I decided to find if the problem was actually due to my shoes! Thankfully, I found that actually the problem was due to high arches, but this led me to question, are there shoes that could best fit me? Furthermore, if there are shoes designed to help one set of people, is there a “best” overall running shoe? This led me to research what factors mainly contribute to a good running shoe and soon I found a criterion that worked best. The “best shoe” had to have, regardless of gender, excellent arch support, outstanding affordability and are long lasting shoes that can support a long-distance runner for a high amount of mileage. But this wasn’t the end of my research. I quickly realized that even though I found these characteristics, I didn’t find the best shoe. So, I furthered my research and took interviews from my peers in order to weigh what this shoe actually is. After examining these results, I was able to find that the best overall running shoe was the “Hoka Mach 5s” however further research could very well change the results, especially as new running technology gets released each and every year.

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Megan Palmer, M.A.

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College of Engineering & Design

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