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Background: The current study sought to identify individual and synergistic relationships between bullying victimization, perpetration, and mental health outcomes. Methods: Data from n=19,610 middle and high school students participating in the Rhode Island Student Survey were analyzed. Multivariable regression analysis was used to determine if being bullied in school, being cyberbullied, bullying others in school, and cyberbullying others were associated with depressive symptoms and suicide ideation. Synergistic effects across bullying modalities and bully involvement were also assessed. Results: Relative to students uninvolved in bullying, odds of suicide ideation were approximately 5 times greater among students who were both bullied in school and cyber-bullied (OR(95%CI)=5.06 (4.51,5.69)) and among students who were both bullied and bullied others (OR(95%CI)=5.02 (4.41,5.72)). Depressive symptoms were also significantly higher (p

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Samantha Rosenthal, Ph.D., M.P.H.

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College of Health & Wellness



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