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A slightly revised version of this manuscript was published in the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform, vol. 31, pp. 551-636 (1998).


In recent years there have been a surprising number of legal attacks on the restaurant chain called Hooters. These attacks have all been based, one way or another, on a claim of sex discrimination in employment. Yet the attacks vary considerably: some are based on claims of sexual harassment, some on claims by private individuals that they have been discriminated against in hiring because they are male, still others on general claims that the chain is engaged in systemic sex discrimination. Many of these claims are concerned with the troubling boundaries of the bona fide occupational qualification, that uncomfortable defense to claims of overt discrimination. That a single business enterprise should be the target of so many different kinds of sex discrimination claims is curious.

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Schneyer, Kenneth. "Hooting: Public and Popular Discourse About Sex Discrimination." University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform, 31 (1998): 551-636.



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