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Outsourcing student services: Perceptions of college administrators at four -year institutions in Connecticut

Richard James DeCapua, Johnson & Wales University


This mixed methods study examined the perceptions and attitudes concerning outsourcing residential life functions at four-year institutions of higher education in Connecticut. Although outsourcing occurs in higher education, its effects on student services, residential life in particular, have not been researched adequately (Shumar, 1997; Phipps & Merisotis, 2005). With the ever increasing costs of higher education, administrators are being directed to examine multiple forms of cost savings. While outsourcing in higher education traditionally occurs in auxiliary services, its effect on student affairs functions at colleges and universities is beginning to be examined more closely (Jefferies, 1996). The researcher explored the attitudes of higher education administrators who are the chief officers in the areas of academic affairs (CAO), business affairs (CBO), student affairs (CSAO), and residential life/housing (CHO) from all 17 four-year public and private institutions in the state of Connecticut (N=68, 70.5% response rate). Using a questionnaire developed by the researcher, participants were asked to report on their attitudes and perceptions of outsourcing in general and in addition, to higher education and residential life functions in particular. Descriptive statistics and one-way ANOVA were the methods of statistical analysis. The results of this study indicated that all participant groups reported very little difference between their attitudes regarding outsourcing in general and outsourcing in higher education. However, CSAOs and CHOs had different attitudes than CBOs and CAOs with regard to outsourcing residential life staff.

Subject Area

Higher education|School administration

Recommended Citation

DeCapua, Richard James, "Outsourcing student services: Perceptions of college administrators at four -year institutions in Connecticut" (2006). Dissertation & Theses Collection. AAI3234448.