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Paper presented at the annual meeting of the New England Educational Research Organization (NEERO), April 10, 2008, Hyannis, Massachusetts.


Cyberbullying, social networking sites (such as myspace and facebook), and instant messaging programs are initiating numerous problems for school administrators on a national level (McKenna, 2007). Franek (2005) defines a cyber bully as “anyone who repeatedly misuses technology to harass, intimidate, bully, or terrorize another person” (p.36). Students utilize cell phones, personal digital assistants, home computers, and laptop computers to access the internet and communicate with friends almost instantly.

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Fileppelli, L., Kite, S., & Gable, R. (2008, April). Assessing middle school students’ knowledge of conduct/consequences and their behaviors regarding the use of social networking sites. Paper presented at 2008 NEERO Annual Meeting, Hyannis, MA.



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