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Within the last two decades, a lot of research has been conducted to determine the factors that cause and prevent depression. This is important because the diagnostic count for mental diseases is rapidly increasing due to the stresses and unhealthy habits of many people. So far, researchers have come up with causes such as life-altering events, genetics, chemical imbalances in the brain, and lack of nutritional requirements. Many argue that all of these factors have something to do with why a person starts experiencing depressive symptoms. During tragic or uncontrollable events, such as a death in the family, it is natural to have symptoms of sadness and low motivation levels. However, there is a possibility of certain things that can be changed to potentially help the onset or progression of depression.

Many people who suffer from depression are likely to continue their battle with this disease since minimal research exists that has explored the causes of and preventative strategies for depression. Proper nutrition is important to having a healthy body and mind. There has been an increased amount of research on folate, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and more that have a large effect on chemicals in the brain. Without the proper intake of these nutrients, the body may react in this dismal state. Researchers have also been trying to find a cure. Medical health care professionals tend to prescribe antidepressants as a temporary solution for this disease, but the results are often inconclusive. Many individuals report that the pills make it impossible to conclude treatment due to addictive chemicals or that the side effects are worse than dealing with the depression itself. The growing amount of research on this topic predicts that proper diet may prevent progression of this disease. Therefore, health care providers may want to consider different routes of treatment as multiple causes of depression may need different prescriptions. Some medications may not be helpful, whereas possible nutritional alternatives may provide alternative treatment options.

Considering the variety of catalysts that may cause an onset of depression, every person’s battle with this disease differs. A life-altering event, such as a close friend or family member’s death or tragedy, genetics, and imbalanced chemicals in the brain are the most common causes discussed by medical professionals. Each of these has a harmful effect on a person’s brain. Depending on the severity of the event, nutritional alternatives may not be enough to reverse depression because it is a severe trauma. However, a high possibility exists that nutritional supplements could help in a number of situations, varying in severity. This article explores treatment and prevention of depression through proper nutrition.

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