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I was required to conceptualize, design, and brand a hypothetical beverage company. As part of the project parameters, I created a visual code for three brand-standard products and a secondary package. Additionally, I developed adaptive graphics and packaging for a limited edition collection. I decided to brand a wine company because I wanted to design a label that consisted of both modern and vintage elegant qualities. To achieve those qualities, I drew a custom C using floral elements for the logo symbol, which I then paired with a script typeface that shared similar curves and typographic elements. I utilized shimmery opal paper for the label to add an elegance to the design. For the secondary package, I decided to design and build a wooden box. The engraved wooden box adds to the vintage aesthetic, providing support and protection for the wine bottle.

As for the three brand standard products I chose Sauvignon Blanc, White Zinfandel, and Pinot Noir because they showcase the variety of options. The main colors used are based on the color of each wine and each are paired with a silver accent. For the limited edition product, I decided on Prosecco being I wanted a sparkling wine to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the brand. To make the limited edition stand out, I used primarily black with gold as the accent. Additionally, the shape of the label was customized to the shape of the wine bottles. The top curve on the labels was designed for the custom C to nest proportionally inside. The roundness of the limited edition label was designed to fit the shape of the Prosecco bottle.


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