MLB Team Concept: Carolina Reapers

Joseph Faioli, Johnson & Wales University - Providence


Carolina Reapers is a brand built from scratch. This project gave me the opportunity to combine my passion for graphic design and baseball. The goal of this project was to create a brand of my choosing based on brand standards I created. I chose to create a potential MLB expansion team based out of North Carolina called the “Carolina Reapers”. You can see colors seen in other Carolina based sports including the Carolina Panthers NFL team or the University of North Carolina basketball team. My goal for the name of this team was to create a play on the famously known pepper, the Carolina Reaper. Instead of focusing on the pepper, the focus goes to the name Reaper. This led to the skull logo being a main part of the brand identity. Within the brand standards you can find a letterhead, business card, envelope, team equipment truck and plane for travel, four variations of the uniform including home, away, and an alternate for each along with merchandise, all keeping within the brand standards. I chose to create a baseball team because of my love for baseball. I grew up watching baseball and still watch it to this day, which made creating this team a very enjoyable experience.