This undergraduate scholarly work was selected as an Outstanding Contribution to Undergraduate Scholarship and presented at the John Hazen White School of Arts & Sciences Annual Academic Symposium on May 3, 2012. Johnson & Wales University, Providence Downcity Campus, Providence, Rhode Island. Samantha Ann Roberg's work was nominated by Professor Russ Chabot, Social Sciences.


What kind of world is the kink and fetish community? Is it a deep, dark, devilish abyss splattered with bodily fluids, coursing with gyrating bodies stomping out its heartbeat? Polite society seemingly thinks so. Bondage, and even worse, sadomasochism are portrayed by today's television and media as satanic and evil, not what love between a man and woman should be. In today's day and age, love is no longer limited to just one man or one woman, but still seems only appropriately hidden away behind closed doors, hidden from parents or children, a dirty act until marriage. What happens when you take a look into that abyss and find yourself swallowed whole by it? What happens when you shrug away the guilt and dogma of all your years and walk into this world you could never understand alone? I did such a thing; I cast away the restrictions of faith, ignored the nagging ghost of my mother's voice on my conscious, and found myself my perfect guide on my first solo expedition into the unknown.

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