This essay was submitted to Rhode Island Public Radio, WRNI, "This I Believe" series and aired February 7, 2012. To listen, follow this link:

This undergraduate scholarly work was selected as an Outstanding Contribution to Undergraduate Scholarship and presented at the John Hazen White School of Arts & Sciences Annual Academic Symposium on May 3, 2012. Johnson & Wales University, Providence Downcity Campus, Providence, Rhode Island. Demetria Hayman's work was nominated by Professor Jim Brosnan, English.


I believe that for every evil act, there is a kind one. When I’m home, away from my college life in Rhode Island, I usually wake up and lazily watch the news for a half hour and drink a few cups of coffee. Usually the news is a depressing way to start the day, but often there is a short story about something miraculous or cheerful, like when a soldier receives a purple heart or when someone vows to dedicate her life to community service.

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