Astroworld: Crowd Surge and Communication Errors

Scott Arrington, Johnson & Wales University - Providence
Gillian Adduci, Johnson & Wales University - Providence
Caroline Shea, Johnson & Wales University - Providence


AstroWorld Festival is an annual music festival run by Travis Scott, an American rapper, and is held in Houston, Texas. AstroWorld works with Live Nation as the promoter of the event. Live Nation is an American based global entertainment company founded in 2010. During the third annual festival in November of 2021, tragedy struck, and lives were lost. An influx of sudden motion or, a crowd surge, began causing concert-goers to panic. Ultimately, fans were trampled and passed away from compression asphyxiation. This case study explores the AstroWorld Festival tragedy in the ways of facts, an internal and external analysis, alternative solutions and a conclusion with recommendations.