This undergraduate scholarly work was selected as an Outstanding Contribution to Undergraduate Scholarship and presented at the John Hazen White School of Arts & Sciences Annual Academic Symposium on May 5, 2011. Johnson & Wales University, Providence Downcity Campus, Providence, Rhode Island. Mr. Poquette's work was nominated by Professor Terry Novak, Honors.


Businesses in today’s highly competitive environment need to be aware of the best methods for motivating, training, developing, and promoting a diverse environment in an organization. These methods will be examined in order to gain an understanding of what works well and how the ideal organization implements the methods.

The more motivated an employee is, the better he or she will perform. Therefore, it is essential for management to continuously motivate its workforce. Training and development also play an important role in overall performance. The more an employee is trained, the better he or she can complete tasks. Development decreases costs by reducing the price associated with recruiting. Encouraging diversity to flourish within a company will increase employee morale, communication, and customer service.

By accomplishing all of these aspects of managing employees, overall organizational performance and efficiency will increase, maximizing a company’s potential.

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