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Cause-related marketing (CRM) campaigns are a type of joint venture between a business concern and a nonprofit organization. To determine effect sizes for these campaigns, a series of bivariate meta-analyses were conducted using a random effects assumption. Results included the effect of CRM advertising on brand attitudes, r = .248, 95% CI(0.189,0.373), and purchase intentions, r = .277, 95% CI(0.141, 0.404), and the effect of cause-brand fit on brand attitudes, r = .239, 95% CI(0.167,0.309), and purchase intentions, r = .319, 95% CI(0.206, .423). Unfortunately for nonprofit organizations, none of the seven meta-analyses conducted found any effect for the study characteristic, type of cause (generic or branded company). Thus, the contribution of a specific nonprofit organization’s brand did not have a significant impact on consumer attitudes or behavioral intentions to purchase CRM products.


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Michelle M. Rego, Mark A. Hamilton & Dana Rogers (2020) Measuring the Impact of Cause-Related Marketing: A Meta-Analysis of Nonprofit and For-profit Alliance Campaigns, Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, DOI: 10.1080/10495142.2020.1726253



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