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The purpose of this research proposal is to determine three uses of the Internet in enhancing health conditions among a sample of 670 educated people who are divided into two groups— a student group and an employee group. The method of this research is a cross-sectional study. Six hundred and seventy subjects need to complete two questionnaires that relate to data storing habits and health information seeking habits, and answer one interview about how they feel if they use the Internet to memorize, and look for health information. The research concludes that the more the subjects spend time on using the Internet to record their routine, work, study, or additional personal things, and search for health information, the less health pressure and anxiety they incur. As a result, the functions of the Internet can improve people’s health conditions by— (1) lessening the pressure on brain to memorize; (2) providing health opportunities; (3) reducing health anxiety levels. The research aims to further advice that people should adjust Internet habits and behaviors to gain advantages from using the Internet.



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