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Hotel wellness programs have been recognized by businesses and societies fostering wellness among individuals. Sometimes, responding to higher costs and enhancing corporate social responsibility for these programs have grown well in popularity (Torres & Zhang, 2021). Most hotels that offer a healthy lifestyle program focus on aspects of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness in the pursuit of total well-being (PR Newswire, 2018). Since this is the foundation for these wellness programs, it is paramount that guests are able to have options in activities they partake in that are offered by their hotel of choice. The objective is for guests to be able to accomplish their health goals and maintain their lifestyle while away from their home. In doing so, creating wellness amenities throughout hotel properties may help motivate patrons to commit to a healthier and positive lifestyle. Properties are beginning to introduce a healthier cuisine option for guests which a majority of the menu items will be well-balanced choices using organic produce and other products. In addition, a popular form of wellness tourism represents forty-one percent of wellness tourism expenditure, growing across the entire hospitality industry (Jung et al., 2018). Additionally, spas that are in hotels present opportunities to create special treatments that support the promotion of wellness-being and healthy lifestyle options in the hotel. Whether it involves a certain specialty for treatments, chemicals used in products, or even the setup of the spa outlet there are ways that wellness can be successful in a department whos’ sole purpose is on enhancing wellness-being (Han et al., 2019). There are various wellness programs that offered throughout various hotels worldwide and it is imperative to understand what guest’s preferences are for these programs.

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