The role of the contemporary health educator: Revisiting the profession

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The development, planning, and evaluation of public health education programs can be considered as one of the major challenges within the field of health education and promotion. To such a degree are these challenges that numerous books, monographs, and other published works have dedicated primarily to the practices of health education program development and evaluation. Godin et al. (1) suggested that for any developed program, any well-implemented evaluation process of any health education project should have the capability to address different questions throughout the different stages of the project implementation. Because the purpose of any evaluation plan is to be able to produce useful information about the implementation and performance of a health program, its accuracy and objectivity should be given equal, if not more explicit attention as the health program itself (2).

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Aboul-Enein BH. The Role of the Contemporary Health Educator: Revisiting the Profession. International Journal of Public Health Papers 2016; 1:10–11